About Reha Kaya

I’m Reha Kaya, born on 1986 and based in Istanbul-Turkey - 14 years of experience in owning beauty salon and specialist as Makeup Artist, Haircut, Hairdressing, Hair coloring and Micoblading..

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Reha Kaya's Professional Skills in Beauty

In addition to 14 years of experience in beauty salon management, she is also skilled in various beauty professions, some of which are…

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Reha Kaya's artistic life

Kaya's personal life is integrated with art and she is a real multifaceted artist. Some examples of her art are…

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Common Questions

  • Appointments are required. Please call as early as possible to secure your appointment date and time.

  • • Regular appointments Tuesday through Friday do not require appointment fees.
  • • A half of total price is required when scheduling the appointment for our busiest days: Saturdays, Sundays and throughout our promotions.
  • • Promotions and busiest days appointment fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • • Other appointments must be canceled by 48 hours before for refund.
  • • For appointments that are rescheduled, the appointment fee is transferred, you will only pay the appointment fee once.

    Our Prices:
  • - Bride Makeup & Hair Dressing on the wedding day start from 500 $
  • - Bridesmaid/mother of the bride Makeup & Hairdressing on the wedding day 200 $
  • - Flower-girls under 5yrs old glitter, gloss (and a little something with their hair if needed) 40 $
  • - Makeup 170$
  • - Hair Dressing 90 $
  • - Hair Dressing & Makeup 250 $
  • - Microblading 150 $
  • One To One Makeup Lessons (2hr session) 100 $

    Traveling Price :
  • This is dependent on your location, and all cost will be included to the fee.
  • - Accessories Daily Rent start from 40 $
  • - Bride Clothes Daily Rent Start from 100 $
  • For any makeup requirements, do not hesitate to email or call me directly and I can quote you a price. Prices may vary based on numbers, location and number of services required.

  • We ask that no more than 1 people accompany the bride. 

  • We ask that you bring NO babies or children under the age of 12.

  • Due to the vast diversity of our customers with different cultures and religious affiliations, we do not allow alcohol. Also, since all of our customers travel a long distance, we guard against drinking and driving.

  • Of course! 
  • And if you post them on social media, please tag us!

Let’s work together

Get in touch with our team? leave your message with the offers and let’s start co-operative work.

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